PHP: Rounding Numbers to the Nearest 5,10,12 or X

Here is a little helper function in PHP to round an integer number to the nearest X, where X can be any other integer number.  You can specify to force to round up, round down or whichever is closest (round up if it is the same in either direction).

function roundToNearest($input=null,$roundTo=5,$direction=”either”){
//$direction = up, down or either (default)
$output = “”;
switch ($direction) {
case ‘up’:
$output = $roundTo * ceil($input/$roundTo);
case ‘down’:
$output = $roundTo * floor($input/$roundTo);
$output = $roundTo * round($input/$roundTo);

$output = false;
return $output;

example usage:

echo roundToNearest(106,5,”up”);

result:   110

echo roundToNearest(106,12,”up”);

result: 108

echo roundToNearest(106,12,”down”);

result: 96

echo roundToNearest(110,12);

result: 108

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