Magento admin on localhost gives ERROR_CONNECTION_RESET message (winamp)

This was a curious and frustrating problem to fix.  After updating the local dev copy of a a magento site, and changing a few local folder permissions the admin area stopped working, giving instead an error message of:  ERROR_CONNECTION_RESET.

Now my local development system was, in this case, a Windows 7 machine running WAMP 64.  In order to run some scripts I had recently modified some folder permissions with cygwin.  This may well have caused the problem but I did not discover this until a while later as a raft of data updates had been running for some time.

Having puzzled about why the connection was apparently being reset I discovered that the front end of the site was working fine.  This lead me to believe that the error was down to something else other than the connection.

I checked the WAMP php error log and indeed, aside from a few dynamic library load warnings I spotted a load of permission denied errors on session files located within  /var/session/  .  On checking this folder I noted that all the permissions had gone screwy on that folder.  I cleared it out, reset the windows permissions and reset ownership to myself (via the properties->security tab) and bingo – the log in screen thankfully reappeared and I got through.

Don’t always believe the error messages.  Check the error or exception log (can do this for WAMP via the tray-icon > PHP ).

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