googleon and googleoff tags

You can add a couple of tags to your page html to instruct Google to not index certain parts of your content or to not use certain bits of your content for the snippets shown in the SERPs.

Now these are not officially documented for “general search” by webots but are for the “Google Search Appliance”. However some sites seem to be having some success – I am running some tests and will update this post later!

To tell Google to ignore a block of content from an indexing perspective use these tags:

<!–googleoff: index–>
This bit of text will not be indexed
<!–googleon: index–>

To tell google to ignore certain content when generating the SERPs page summary, say a copyright statement, cookie notice, add-to-cart text, etc use these tags:

<!–googleoff: snippet–>
I should not show up in the SERPs summary/snippet
<!–googleon: snippet–>

For full details, including the googleoff: anchor and googleoff:all tags see this Google document:  Preparing for a Crawl.  The details are some way down so do a browser search for googleon to jump to it.

Don’t know what SERPs stands for?  SERPs is an acronym for “Search Engine Result Page(s)”

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