Sublime Text 3: Remove an erroneous multi-cursor (Windows)

Another quick post.  This has often driven me crazy so I was glad to have found a solution.

The problem: you are clicking away, adding a whole load of cursors to edit multiple sections of code at once (awesome!) but then you accidentally click in the wrong place…argh.

Without knowing how to deselect or remove a multi cursor you have to start all over again, this time being very slow and precise in case you do it again.

The solution: By using alt+ middle mouse button on the offending cursor you can remove it from the “selection” – doesn’t even have to be the last one! Nice.   

I have seen elsewhere that a regular alt-click or ctrl-u )soft undo) will do it but they did now work for me.

Note: the usual approach is that ctrl-something will perform an add action and alt-something will perform a remove action.

Chrome ‘internal’ URLS

As a web developer I use Chrome a lot.  The dev tools are good and, in general, it is a good browser.  Sometimes, though, I find some odd behaviour like the browser has cached some DNS settings that I have since changed, or I want to switch the experimental features on or off for some testing.  Here is how you get to access those settings and then the page to see all the available option/settings URLs.

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