Applying Magento SUPEE Patches on a Windows environment

Ok, for reasons of general simplicity and familiarity I like to develop my php applications in a Windows environment using WAMP.  However, this can be problematic when needing to apply SUPEE patches to development instances of Magento projects.

Sure, one method is to run the patch on a linux copy, check the patched_files log  (“\app\etc\applied.patches.list”   if you didn’t know) and then copy over the modified files.  Sometimes, that is a lot of files and the sprawling directory structure of Magento can make that a real ball-ache.  However, I found I could run the patches in the same way on Windows as on my Linux servers by using Cygwin.

Cygwin allows you to run certain linux-style commands using a command line but in Windows.  Windows itself does not support .sh files.*

You will need to install Cygwin.  This is just a quick pointer in a helpful direction – there was a bit of tinkering installing certain modules from the Cygwin setup but it was easy…I just cannot remember what I did. (Note that to update or change the installation you need to run the original installer again).

On running Cygwin you get a console window

Assuming your web files are on your C drive you will need to browse to it:


cd c:/

this should actually run  “/cygdrive/c”, so type this if the line above fails

Do a quick “ls” (file listing) to show you are where you expected.  You can then browse to your web and Magento folder using good old “cd”, e.g.  cd wamp/www/html/mysite/ .  Now, assuming you have put your patch files in your Magento root just run your “sh PATCH_SUPEE-1234_………..” or whatever on your Windows-based Magento project.


*Note: I read on a forum that installing Git, will allow you to run .sh files but I cannot vouch for the this.

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