Sublime Text 3: Remove an erroneous multi-cursor (Windows)

Another quick post.  This has often driven me crazy so I was glad to have found a solution.

The problem: you are clicking away, adding a whole load of cursors to edit multiple sections of code at once (awesome!) but then you accidentally click in the wrong place…argh.

Without knowing how to deselect or remove a multi cursor you have to start all over again, this time being very slow and precise in case you do it again.

The solution: By using alt+ middle mouse button on the offending cursor you can remove it from the “selection” – doesn’t even have to be the last one! Nice.   

I have seen elsewhere that a regular alt-click or ctrl-u )soft undo) will do it but they did now work for me.

Note: the usual approach is that ctrl-something will perform an add action and alt-something will perform a remove action.